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From complex data into insight.
Mondrian AI use their expertise in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, data visualization, cutting-edge web and mobile technology to turn raw data into compelling UI that presents meaningful and actionable insight.


What We Do

We are an innovative data science & visualization company empowering local communities to be more connected and aware of their quality of life by harnessing technologies. We build solutions running on the web and mobile platforms backed with robust data services. Our smart city solution offers simple and intuitive geographical information based on the abstraction model of the world, combined with the next generation data science and visualization technology. We believe that by understanding the world through a better visual lens, we're better equipped to solve the world's hardest challenges.

  • Smart City

    Smart City uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption and to improve interaction between citizens and government.

    Soran Map demo
  • IoT Platform

    Mondrian Analytics caters to the needs for near real-time machine data visualization while providing responsive visuals, insightful presentation, and configurable dashboards. Under the hood, the Mondrian Engine enables efficient data extraction and quick data analysis using the cutting-edge distributed data processing technologies.

    Mondrian Analytics demo
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Analytics engine
Innovating in the IoT world

The Mondrian Analytics Engine connects various sensors and data sources with data processing platform powered by Apache Spark and provides users with interactive dashboards built by modern web technologies

Meet our team

David Hong.
CEO / Co-founder

Born to be planner, engineer and dancer. Interested in all the data visualization.

Mike Simalango
CTO / Co-founder

A fan of distributed systems and everything that scales. Eager to live in the outer space someday.

Jimin Hwa
COO / Co-founder

Visonary in business, engineering, and music. Interested in connecting virtuality with reality via software

Yongil Lee
Research & Consulting

Firm believer of the balance between understanding technical complexities and conveying them in such a simple notion

Inseon Han
Biz Support Manager

Supports business and R & D, and manages financial affairs. I like to plan and practice and try to be kind.

SW Engineer

Eager to learn about full stack, all rounder programmer.

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    도로명 주소: 인천시 연수구 갯벌로 12, 7층 7-11, 12호 (송도동, 미추홀타워 본관)
    Address: 7th Fl. 7-11, 12-ho, Meet-You-All Tower, 12, Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea